Importer and Exporter of Fine Ag Products

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits Exporter & Importer


navelJaspo is amjor importer and exporter from various part of the world’s prestigious farms. Jaspo selects the best oranges for export & import through out the seasons.


valenciaOften called summer oranges-they are available from February through October, with peak supplies in May, June and July. Jaspo is a major importer and exporter of quality Valencia oranges.


grapefruitJaspo is a major importer and exporter of varitey of grapefruits, from our own Jaspo Inc. brands to California grapefruits.


lemonJaspo is a major importer and exporter with farms that has the highest content of caliche in soil and full sunlight for optimum growth that produces one of the best lemons in the world.

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