Mission Statement

Importer and Exporter of Agricultural and Other Products

Our Mission at Jaspo Inc. is to provide exporting and importing services to our overseas clients seeking high quality fruits and vegetables. Founded in 1983, we have established strong partnerships with both suppliers and customers, who have relied on our expertise and knowledge for shipping commodities worldwide. At Jaspo Inc., we emphasize on the importance of communication and building relationships.

Jaspo stands for Japan – Spokane, and is an homage to our start in exporting onions from Washington state to Japan. Since then, we have expanded to provide a variety of food products (from fresh to processed) across multiple continents.   

Our dedication to research, from local growing practices to global market trends, is our commitment to our clients. We arm our clients with market forecasts and trend analysis to help them make better trade decisions. Our commitment to provide our clients with the highest quality agricultural products has made Jaspo Inc. one of the major traders in this industry, and we owe our greatest gratitude to our customers.

Thank you,
Koji Suzuki, President

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